Book Review: A Hundred Years of Solitude

A Hundred Years of Solitude, by Gabriel Garcia MarquezBy Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Rating: 6/10

Topic: the Buendia family in the magical town of Macondo

This book feels different from other books – it’s the tale of the rise and fall of the mythical town of Macondo, viewed through seven generations of the Buendia family. The town is often visited by extraordinary people and magical events, which gives the story an eerie, magical feeling to it – what’s usually called magical realism.

People either hate or love this book, which the Goodread reviews confirm – the first rating is 1 start, and the second 5 stars. Personally, I loved the book, even though there are like 25 characters and just 4 names, which makes things a bit confusing.

My advice: try it for a 100 pages. You’ll quickly see whether you like it or not.

Rating: 6/10. The story is interesting and the content is unique, but the book didn’t leave a strong imprint on me at all.

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