About me

@gbonaert Gregory Bonaert bonaert

I’m Gregory Bonaert, a Computer Science engineer freshly graduated from the VUB. I completed a Computer Science Master degree with focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning. I studied in Brussels, Belgium, researching machine learning, reinforcement learning and more generally artificial intelligence.

I am open to machine learning opportunities.

Vrije Universiteit Brussels Artificial Intelligence Research group

I freshly graduated from the VUB, working on my thesis on adding explainability to deep RL agents in the AI lab of the Computer Science department.

Secure Reliable Intelligent Systems lab

I’m currently doing research in certifying neural networks as an intern in the Secure, Reliable and Intelligent System lab of ETH Zürich.

ETH Zurich

Before the internship, I spent a semester at ETH Zûrich as a visiting student in the Computer Science Master’s degree.

To see some past projects, you can consult my Github account, where you can see projects such a tiny C compiler or my research on making reinforcement learning agent more interpretable, trustworthy and safe. If you prefer the full details about me, you can consult LinkedIn.

I’m deeply interested in creating intelligent systems, machine learning, and AI. I have a few ideas on how to improve our current systems and deal with their current weaknesses and am eager to discuss and test them.

Right now, I write mostly about machine learning and reinforcement learning, two sub-fields of artificial intelligence. If you go deeper into the archives, you will find some old posts about books, talks, and blog posts I found interesting. There’s also occasionally a random subject that caught my attention (spending of the EU, how much money you’ll make from stocks, recipes).